Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Your subscription will be re-billed every month on the 15th of every month.

Are you sold out?

We are never sold out! Purchase a bag of Munity Coffee today and start serving the communities you love.

What’s in the BOOOXXXX?!

All of our Subscription Boxes come with a 16 oz bag of our finest 100% arabica bean coffee, FREE SHIPPING, and a 15% donation to the community/charity of your choosing.


What’s the difference between Subscription and One-Time Purchase?

Our coffee subscription club has automatic re-billing (monthly) to a 16 oz bag of our finest 100% arabica bean coffee as well as allowing you to choose which organization to give a larger contribution to.


Our one-time purchase coffee is a 12 oz bag of our finest 100% arabica coffee and disburses your contribution evenly across all of our featured communities. You can see a list of our featured communities/charities here .



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