How it Works

When you purchase from Munity Coffee, you will receive a 12 oz. bag of carefully roasted 100% arabica bean coffee and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our community portfolio.


Choose between a selection of carefully roasted 100% arabica bean coffee.


Would you like us to grind your coffee for you? Or would you like to do it yourself?


A percentage of our proceeds go to support our community portfolio.


Shop our craft roasts

Colombian Roast

A sweet medium roast that offers a balanced body of acidity, fruitiness, and aroma.sts and blends.

Light Roast

A brighter and livelier flavor that offers a higher amount of acidity than our other roasts and blends.

House Roast

A bold smoky-sweet flavor that is bitterer and less acidic than our other roasts and blends.

Breakfast Blend

A mix of our light and dark roasts that perfectly embodies acidity, sweetness and bitterness simultaneously.



New Logo!

We are saying Goodbye to our old Logo !!! Out with the old and In with the New. Hello everyone who is apart of our Munity. We are saying goodbye to our old logo (left) Read more…

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